• This fantastic complete band features Tony on vocals and sax and his rhythm section completed with the elite Emperors of Swing brass section. I’m proud to say this is my main band. I started this over 20 years ago and I have devoted everything into the sound of this full band. It provides the best selection and sound of music with our top notch brass section.
  • We are predominately a Swing band, but with my personal “no limitations in music” we provide the perfect blend of Swing, Jazz and Blues. My custom arrangements insure us that no one else has our sound.
  • In the late 80’s after playing in local & regional bands, I decided to develop my own sound. Putting together the best songs and music styles I performed over the trying to improve, reinvent, evolve and customize the material by adding a “Vegas” type feel influenced by Tower of Power, Chicago, Count Basie, Blood Sweat & Tears and Sinatra. Investing my time, money and energy for a long-term product, I developed a unique and powerful sound. Building a massive library of custom arranged songs.
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